February 9, 2014

Fireworks at Chew Jetty, Penang

The ninth day of Lunar calendar or what we mentioned as 正月初九 among the Chinese,  was a day for worshiping the Lord of Heaven ( 拜天公).

Fireworks were pretty common in the modern days when there're celebrations, so I decided to take my tripod, intended to capture some fireworks. Chew Jetty was holding one of the largest praying celebration in Penang, so the crowd was... um.. uncontrollable.

I tried to take quite a number of shots with slower shutter speed, but they are no where near to decent, as the boardwalk was shaking due to the crowd movements. Therefore, I stepped up the shutter speed to 13 sec and took 3 shots on the different portion of the scene. As you all might know, I always like to take several shots on a single scene and combine into a panoramic view. In such way, I can get sharp details on particular sections from the 3 shots. In addition,. the view angle will be > 150° on the scene. This is not achievable without a wide angle lens and a full frame camera. Well, I came up with a cheaper solution =).

Some of you might be wondering that the color and lighting seems to be unnatural. Yeah indeed, I did HDR (High Dynamic Range) toning on the photo, trying to balanced up and get back the details on the darker area. Therefore, some of the portion is having higher exposure while the others are kept neutral. I wasn't good in all this, please feel free to give suggestions if you have. Thanks.


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